28 Jun

Workshop on data publication, Trier university

FID GEO held a workshop about publication of research data / open access to scientific publications at Trier University. The workshop war part of the 2. Workshop für junge HydrologInnen.
About 20 young scientists discussed vividly the practical aspects of both topics. The slides of the presentations are available: Publikation von Forschungsdaten / Open Access für wissenschaftliche Texte

22 Jun

Relaunch e-docs.geo-leo.de

All documents on the FID GEO publication repository e-docs.geo-leo.de are Open Access. You are invited to upload your pre- or postprints! After a period of improvement processes, the second edition of the FID GEO repository e-docs.geo-leo.de, is now relaunched. Besides technical innovations behind the scenes and layout alterations, there are several improvements to the user: The website is now available also in English. There are filters for publication kind added. The website is now responsive, adjusting the view to different devices such as smartphones. Newly uploaded documents are automatically assigned a new DOI.

22 Jun

Zeitschrift für Geophysik

All legal questions regarding the online publication of the older volumes of the journal have been solved. The DGG (German Geophysical Society) has officially assigned FID GEO to digitization and online publishing of these Volumes. Presently, technical preparations for the digitization are being taken.

22 Jun


The activities of FID GEO were presented at the meeting of the geo- and environmental libraries, which took place on June 1st 2017 at the German Meteorological Office (DWD) in Offenbach. The GeoUm meeting was held in context of the Bibliothekartag 2017. One of the topics discussed most vividly was the digital publishing of old maps and related legal questions.