24 Apr

Interactive overview map

Online freely available map sheets of the geological map 1 : 25.000 are now accessible from an interactive overview map on GEO-LEOe-docs. The overview map contains links to over 100 maps on GEO-LEOe-docs, as well as c. 900 maps on other websites. Furthermore, more than 500 map sheets which are in the public domain are shown. These can be suggested for digitization to FID GEO.

The digitization on demand is free of charge.

05 Apr

New article about FID GEO published in Bibliotheksdienst

The article “Der Fachinformationsdienst Geowissenschaften der festen Erde (FID GEO): Digitale Transformation und Open Access in den Geowissenschaften fördern” was published today in the journal Bibliotheksdienst.

Link to the article: https://doi.org/10.1515/bd-2018-0045

If you have not access to the fulltext of the article via the link above, please send us an Email (info@fidgeo.de), we will be pleased to send you one of our author copies. The article will be available open access six month after publication in Bibliotheksdienst on GEO-LEO e-docs.