01 Oct

Some 70 new scans of geological maps (1:25 000)

Some 70 newly scanned sheets of the geological map 1:25 000 were uploaded by Mapster – Old maps of Poland and Central Europe (http://igrek.amzp.pl/), for free download. These cover i.a. the region Osnabrück-Hanover-Magdeburg.

Also, the FID GEO repository, GEO-LEOe-docs, has added 17 scanned geological maps recently.

All of these are accessible from the FID GEO overview map (https://e-docs.geo-leo.de/map), which now includes 1110 map sheets of the geological map 1:25 000 which are available online for free.

30 May

Bibliothekartag 2018

Together with FID Cartography and Basic Geodata and FID Montane, Mining and Metallurgy, FID GEO is holding a session at the 107th German Bibliothekartag. If you are interested, find us on Tuesday, June 12th 2018 at 16:00 to 17:30 in room 30341.

24 Apr

Interactive overview map

Online freely available map sheets of the geological map 1 : 25.000 are now accessible from an interactive overview map on GEO-LEOe-docs. The overview map contains links to over 100 maps on GEO-LEOe-docs, as well as c. 900 maps on other websites. Furthermore, more than 500 map sheets which are in the public domain are shown. These can be suggested for digitization to FID GEO.

The digitization on demand is free of charge.

21 Nov

Geological map (1:25000) – online availability listed (present and potential)

The geological map 1:25 000 for Germany and adjacent regions has been composed in large parts as early as 1853 – 1943. Many of these map sheets are freely available online, and many more could be, once science, e.g. you, states interest in them. The GK25 list online & pd lists over 900 map sheets of the Prussian geological map 1 : 25 000 that can be found online (free download), as well as more than 600 map sheets that can be digitised by FID GEO free of charge, once a notice of demand is received. For notification, please use our request form or write an e-mail (info@fidgeo.de).

14 Aug

Prussian geological map 1 : 25 000

The FID GEO digitises maps free of charge. This is offered for geological maps in the public domain, particularly those which are in stock at SUB Göttingen. Here you find a list of map sheets of the GK25 (Prussian geological map 1:25 000) which are in the public domain and in stock at SUB Göttingen library. On your request these maps can be digitised, once they are not freely available online already.

22 Jun

Relaunch e-docs.geo-leo.de

All documents on the FID GEO publication repository e-docs.geo-leo.de are Open Access. You are invited to upload your pre- or postprints! After a period of improvement processes, the second edition of the FID GEO repository e-docs.geo-leo.de, is now relaunched. Besides technical innovations behind the scenes and layout alterations, there are several improvements to the user: The website is now available also in English. There are filters for publication kind added. The website is now responsive, adjusting the view to different devices such as smartphones. Newly uploaded documents are automatically assigned a new DOI.