04 Aug

Publications of the Landesamtes für Geologie und Bergbau Rheinland-Pfalz in the GEO-LEOe-docs repository.

All issues of the series “Themenhefte vorsorgender Bodenschutz“ are available on the publication platform GEO-LEOe-docs. The special issues are published irregulary and cover current topics of practical relevance to soil protection. Among other things, working aids for soil protection authorities, information on soil protection topics or explanations on new soil maps and Mapserver applications are published.

The Mainzer Geowissenschaftliche Mitteilungen (MGM) are usually published once a year with contributions from members of the geological survey and external authors. Regarding Rhineland-Palatinate and neighboring areas technical topics like geology, engineering geology, hydrology, raw materials, soil science, geotourism, geophysics, mineralogy, stratigraphy, paleontology and mining are covered.At present, all older articles consented by the authors are uploaded to the repository. In future, the offer will be supplemented by the current contributions. All articles are published Open Access and, like all works in the repository, are provided with a DOI for permanent citability.

29 Jul

Codex Montanus: Bergordnungen (mining laws) in the repository of FID GEO

In cooperation between the FID MONTAN and the FID GEO, the mining laws of Central Europe from the 13th to the 16th century are compiled under the name Codex Montanus. They provide an important insight into the legislation of the Middle Ages and the early modern period.

The „Bergordnungen“ are now published in the repository GEO-LEOe-docs as modern copies of the original works, which were previously only available in old German Kurrent handwriting or print (Gothic type).

The transcriptions of the now 22 texts are thanks to the efforts of Eva and Uwe Jaschik, who have made it their mission to make these important historical sources accessible to everyone.

Link to the collection

27 Apr

Open Science Pathways in the Earth, Space, and Life Sciences – A joint event co-organized by SciLifeLab and the AGU, 2022 May 9, 12-5 p.m.  

SciLifeLab Data Centre and the American Geophysical Union (AGU) invite you to a half-day event on 2022 May 9, 12-5 p.m focusing on the following Open Science themes:

  • The Path to Open, Reproducible Science – Stories from the Research Community
  • How to Open Science – Practical Use Cases, Lessons Learned from the Research Community
  • Open Science from a Broader Context – What Open Science Means from the National and International Perspectives

The registration is free

Here you will find more information.


27 Apr

B!SON beta now available

B!SON is an acronym for “Bibliometric and Semantic Open Access Recommender Network”. B!SON, a Service, operated jointly by TIB and SLUB Dresden, is a recommendation system for quality-assured Open Access journals. The service can be used by scientists to find a suitable Open Access journal for their own article.

B!SON compares the entered title and abstract with articles in the DOAJ. The references are compared to the OpenCitations database. All this information is then used to generate journal suggestions for the user.

17 Jan

New on GEO-LEOe-docs to the beginning of 2022

In addition to recently published ongoing online publications on GEO-LEOe-docs the series „Greifswalder Geographischen Arbeiten“ is the sixth freely accessible publication in this context.

The listing of the individual volumes of the series in the common union catalog of libraries (GVK) is secured via automized metadata transfer. The metadata import was developed as a joint project by VZG and FID GEO.

To view the series click here.

15 Dec

The ‘Geologische Blätter’ in Open Access

The Geologische Blätter (geological sheets) is the journal of the Geozentrum Nordbayern in Erlangen with German and English contributions on geology, mineralogy and paleontology. In addition to a regional focus on Bavaria, contributions from other regions are included.

The Geologische Blätter have been published in open access since December 2021. After the first articles have gone through the editorial process and have been accepted, they are available online in the FID GEO repository (GEO-LEOe-docs).

Click here to access the title in the repository.

By transforming the Geologische Blätter (formerly “Geologische Blätter für Nordostbayern und angrenzende Gebiete”)  into an Open Access journal, the editors benefit from reaching a wider readership and the fact that more is published.

FID GEO is very pleased to be able to offer the Geologische Blätter as the fifth continuous online publication in the repository!

03 Dec

New online publication in the FID GEO repository – Mitteilungen Deutsche Geophysikalische Gesellschaft (DGG) e.V. –

Click here to go to the series.

The announcements of the DGG have been the official communication organ of the German Geophysical Society since 1988. The journal, which appears twice a year, contains news relevant to the association as well as scientific articles.
For the first time, archived scientific articles and contributions from the current issue 2/2021 are now available online in the GEO-LEOedocs repository

FID GEO is very pleased to publish the “DGG Mitteilungen” as a continuous online publication in the future!