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Search engine for topographic maps (SIS Maps)

Our partner, the Specialised Information Service for Cartography and Geodata (SIS Maps), offers various map catalogues on its website, including a high volume of topographic map series with links to the world's national and regional geoportals as well as links to various country-specific Grids&Datums.  

Search alphabetically by country name under: Topo-List.

Repositories for Text and Data Publications

GEO-LEOe-docs is the geoscientific repository for texts and geological maps, maintained by the FID GEO and operated at the Göttingen State and University Library (SUB Göttingen). GEO-LEOe-docs serves as a platform for so called Green Open Access publications (secondary publications). It also offers an interactive overview map with access to digitised geological maps (GK25). On GEO-LEOe-docs all documents are freely accessible and referenced with DOI. Various ongoing net publications are released here as digital first publications.

GFZ Data Services is the subject-specific research data repository for the geosciences and related disciplines, through which research data have been published with DOI since 2004. Today, GFZ Data Services is an internationally recognized repository for citable and DOI referenced geoscientific data, software and the assignment of International Generic Sample Numbers (IGSN = PID for physical samples).


Learned societies and open access

Created by Andreas Hübner | | Allgemein

Early November 2019, the National Open Access Contact Point OA2020-DE invited professional societies and specialist information services (Fachinformationsdienste) to exchange experiences on how to convert scientific journals into Open Access. See the report on the workshop.

The FID GEO and representatives of German Geological Society – Geological Association (DGGV), German Mineralogical Society (DMG) and German Geophysical Society (DGG) participated in the workshop. Among others, Prof. Franz’s (DMG) report on the recent open access transformation of the European Journal of Mineralogy received great interest.

A conclusion of the workshop is that the transfer of a journal on the one hand requires good preparation and on the other hand there are a multitude of possibilities to adequately and successfully respond to the specific requirements and challenges of specialist societies.

The FID GEO supports geoscientific societies that do consider or carry out an open access transformation of their journal(s).


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