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Digitisation of texts and maps

Digitisation „On Demand“

FID GEO offers free digitisation of geoscientific works. All digitised works generated by FID GEO are made freely available on GEO-LEOe-docs, the subject repository of FID GEO. To submit digitisation requests to us, write us an email.

Requirements are,

  • that the use serves scientific purposes
  • that the research project involves institutions or persons based in Germany,
  • that the work is not yet freely available online,
  • and that copyright law (UrhG) permits online publication.

The latter is the case if either

  • the work is in the public domain (i.e. the death of all authors involved occurred at least 70 full calendar years ago),
  • or the work is out of print (works published before 1967 and listed in the DNB as out of print can be licensed by the FID GEO),
  • or the consent of the copyright holder has been granted (these may be authors, editors or publishers. For works published between 1967 and 1995, the rights for online publication are generally held by the authors).

The FID GEO prefers to digitise from the stocks of the SUB Göttingen.

Geological Maps 1:25 000

An interactive overview map provides access to the more than 500 digitised geological maps in the repository as well as to more than 3000 maps freely accessible online from other providers. The geographic interface also includes a search function. Year of publication and provider are displayed.

Digitisation of institutional series, journals and other writings

The FID GEO offers geoscientific institutions and publishers the digitisation of their institutional series and other publications, which were previously only available in print, free of charge. The subsequent publication of the works on GEO-LEOe-docs is obligatory. In this way, science publications are made electronically available worldwide in Open Access. If you would like to use this service, please contact us (e-mail).

Frequently Asked Questions

These two digitisation services are different services. Accordingly, scientists have different questions. That is why we have compiled a catalogue of "Frequently Asked Questions" to give you answers to the new services offered by FID GEO.