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Digitisation Request

Your Digitisation Request

Please send us an e-mail for geoscience research material you wish to be digitised for resaerch purposes. Please take into account that the material must be in the public domain (printed before 1900 or author died 70 years ago) and so far only available in print. Please search for the title of your digitisation request in the collections of the Göttingen State and University Library (SUB Göttingen) using the online catalogue. FID GEO will immediately check if the title is in the public domain and process your request.

In case you wish to digitise geoscience research material that is not available in the collections of the SUB Göttingen, we will check the possibilities to process such digitisation request and inform you accordingly.


You can also directly contact us at:

Malte Semmler: semmler(at)