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Open Access Puclications of Scientific Articles

FID GEO supports the geoscientific community in publishing their research results in open access. For this purpose, we offer with our domain repository for texts and geological maps, GEO-LEOe-docs, a service for the electronic publication of their writings in a permanently available and reliably citable form. If you are interested, please contact us (e-mail) or visit the website of our text repository.

Publish your scientific articles in Open Access

As specialists in the field of literature supply in the geosciences, we are very familiar with the publication of research results from the research field:

  • We archive your publication on the subject repository of the FID GEO so that it is permanently available and machine-readable.
  • We provide your publication with a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) so that it can be reliably cited.
  • We offer a peer-review workflow during the publication process to maintain scientific quality.
  • We ensure that your publications gain high visibility in national and international library catalogs and in search engines relevant to the geosciences.

A major service of FID GEO is to provide a technical infrastructure for the persistent electronic publication of geoscience research material. We advise and help:

  • Geoscience research institutions to publish their institutional literature and other research material.
  • Individual geoscientists to publish their work.

A re-publication of your paper in Open Access greatly enhances the dissemination of your research results. Additionally, as a result of Open Access, publications usually are more often cited compared to papers only available in closed access journals. Many scientific journals allow publication of a final draft version of your scientific paper in an Open Access repository. If you wish, we will check if your paper can be self-archived in Open Access repositories.

In case there is no repository available at your home institution, you may deposit your research article in the FID GEO repository. We ensure that your publication will be highly visible in national and international library catalogues and geoscience related search engines.

This service is free of charge for the geoscience research community in Germany and supported by the “Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG)”.

Please use the technical infrastructure of the FID GEO repository to (re-)publish your research results. After you have registered you can upload your document following the publishing workflow. You will select a license agreement to define the rights of use for anybody wishing to reuse your results. Finally, your document will be published. If you have any questions, please contact us (email).

  • Institutional literature
  • Academic reports
  • Research lecture notes
  • Working papers
  • Conference proceedings
  • Scientific travel information and guides
  • Pre- and postprints of research articles

The FID GEO repository uses the common PDF-format. If you are using other character-based formats (e.g. word, excel, rtf, postscript etc.), please contact us. Your electronic publications will finally be published in PDF.

The documents are archived in the FID GEO repository that is maintained by the Göttingen State and University Library (SUB Göttingen). The FID GEO repository is part of the “Gesellschaft für wissenschaftliche Datenverarbeitung Göttingen (GWDG)” archiving system. Your documents are published Open Access and will be permanently available and persistently citable.

Recommendations and Standards of national and international initiatives, e.g. “Deutschen Initiative für Netzwerkinformation (DINI)” and “Open Archives Initiative”, are incorporated into the development of the FID GEO repository. The technical infrastructure of the GEO-LEO e-docs repository is used for this development.

Open access to institutional series and other writings

Institutional series and other writings that are not published by publishing houses (so-called "gray literature") form an important basis for scientific work. In printed form, however, these were and are in many cases difficult to access and available only in a few libraries.

For this reason, FID GEO now also offers the permanently available and reliably citable electronic publication of institutional series and other writings as a special service for the geoscientific community, also in connection with retrospective digitisation. For online publication of a work, the consent of the rights holder is required: therefore, please use our form.

In addition, FID GEO publishes peer-reviewed pre- and postprints of publisher publications in open access. We will be happy to assist you in clarifying secondary publication rights.

Open Access for Geoscience Societies

FID GEO supports professional societies in converting the journals they publish to an Open Access publishing model. Where necessary, we work together with the Competence Center for Licensing to do this. We support professional societies whose journals cannot or should not currently be transferred to the Open Access model in improving the possibilities for second publication of articles.

In addition, FID GEO advises members of the professional societies on the possibilities of Open Access for their own publications. The focus here is on providing information about the right of secondary publication and the rights of authors to use their own articles.

Frequently Asked Questions

The electronic publication of scientific documents in OA is a relatively new topic and accordingly there are many questions among scientists. We have compiled a catalog for "Frequently Asked Questions" for you here.