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FID GEO: 2nd project phase with new tasks

Created by Andreas Hübner | | Allgemein

In November 2019, the second phase of the project started for FID GEO. Over the next 3 years, the previous work areas “digitization”, “electronic publishing” and “electronic publication of research data” will be continued and expanded.

A new component of the digitization “on demand” is the license acquisition for open access of out-of-print literature up to the year of publication 1965. In addition, the FID GEO will proactively digitize in the future: above all, public domain and out of print geoscientific literature, if this is foreseeable an important resource for current research projects, as well as geological maps.

In an additional, new work package, the FID GEO will promote the transformation towards more open access. Central to this are advising geoscientific learned societies on the transformation of the journals they publish and informing their members about the possibilities of open access publishing.

See also the project description of the second project phase.